The story of your bio flour

Sofia Mel BIO flour is produced from certified cereals that are not genetically modified and have been cultivated under the rules of organic production; and have full traceability. The cleaning of the high-quality and organic raw material (wheat / rye / spelt) is accomplished through a multi-stage system for separating external bodies from the seeds.

Our bio-mill is located in Austria and fully complies with EU organic legislation as well as with the BIO Austria Association. All these ensure the bio origin of the flour.

Sofia Mel BIO flours are 100% bio products that are suitable for a varied, healthy menu for the whole family. Strict production control ensures high grain-to-store product quality and excellent baking and cooking results.

- 100% organic flour;
- Without preservatives and enhancers;
- For a balanced and varied menu;
- Made from Austrian certified organic crops, in Austria;
- Meets the EU bio-product requirements and the Bio Austria Association;
- Small, convenient packaging of 0.500 kg;
- Three types of organic flour: wheat, rye and spelt;
- Affordable price