Professional flours (B2B)


Special flour, developed for production of high quality banitsi (pastry made of fillo sheets), buretsi and home-made noodles. It is characterized by high protein content and excellent physical qualities of the dough - tensibility and elasticity. The baker’s products, made of this flour, have regular shape, with regular folds and pleats of the fillo sheets, with mixed light yellow and red-brown colour. The inner part is normally baked, spongy and porous, with well-piled, equally thick fillo sheets, with pleasant taste and scent, typical for the banitsa pastry.

Humidity, %, not more than: from 01.04. to 01.10. - 14.5, from 01.10. to 31.03. - 15.0; wet gluten, % - min 30.0, ash content, % - mах 0.60.

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